Our Team

Founded in January, 2014

Kelley Hanna, Co-Founder
Kelley, also known as The Plant Goddess, is a conservation-oriented California licensed landscape contractor.

Jessyca Frederick, Co-Founder
Jessyca holds a professional certificate in Landscape Architecture from UCLA Extension and has built more websites than she can remember.

100% Woman-owned Business
We’re proudly woman-owned, no small feat in the landscape industry.

Headquartered in La Quinta, California with an office in Sierra Madre, California. Our suppliers are also California-based, with warehouses and retail locations throughout the state.

The founders of Water Wise Now recognized that information about irrigation and low-water plants is often hard to come by for the average homeowner or business owner. Landscape professionals have worked many years to acquire the knowledge they have, and it is a challenge to get all of their expertise into the hands of DIYers and the budget-conscious. We’re here to help.

Buy providing practical, hands-on advice from real landscape contractors and nurseries, as well as selling professional-grade irrigation and sprinkler equipment directly to homeowners and businesses via our online storefront, we hope to help close the knowledge and application gaps preventing people from using less water in their landscapes.

Drought is a hot topic, but it’s not just a current event.

The “Dry West” barely has enough supply for our water-hungry demands. Our beautiful weather draws people from all over the country and our fertile soils encourage much agriculture. To support so many people and so much farmland, we have bartered with other regions and built giant infrastructure projects to bring water to places it doesn’t occur naturally.

This lifeblood of our everyday existence here in the “Dry West” is at risk, always. Climate scientists are now telling us that the 20th century was an unusually moist century for this region, so what we think of as drought today might become our normal climactic conditions before long.

Our governments do their part in regulating the distribution of scarce resources, and water agencies do their best to ensure they can meet the projected demand of the coming year, but businesses and homeowners can do their part by following simple steps to reduce water use in the landscape.

We believe responsible stewardship of our land begins with responsible use of our precious water resources. By being conscientious of water usage in non-drought years, we lessen the severity of drought years, too—ensuring there is enough water for generations to come.

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