Homeowners Associations (HOAs) & Campuses

We help homeowners associations and campuses reduce their outdoor water use. Large campuses, like schools, HOAs, and some religious facilities use a lot of water to keep their grounds attractive. Often the staff of both in-house and external landscape services are under-trained about how to use less water in the landscape, and are also overworked—covering too large an area to be effective at conservation methods without outside assistance

Assortment of tools needed for drip tubing repair

Homeowners & Do-It-Yourselfers

There are few resources available to the intrepid home conservationist. It can take years to acquire the knowledge to troubleshoot your way through a do-it-yourself irrigation project. You probably don’t want to wait that long. We’re here to help.

Online Courses for Irrigation & Conservation

Online courses are a terrific way to pick up helpful information about irrigation systems because not everyone can attend public lectures offered in their water district and people often learn best in a safe and quiet place like home.

Conservation Report Cards

An online dashboard where your customers log in and see how they’re doing on their water use. It uses a simple and familiar way to score water use and your customers get personalized suggestions for water savings. This report card is designed to help you boost your conservation efforts by leverage social behavior norms at a much lower cost than competitive products.

How to program your controller

Irrigation Scheduling Tool

An online application accessible from desktops and phones, where anyone can get a correct irrigation schedule for their property. The irrigation schedule, more than any other conservation method, is the most important and cheapest tool in the box. This information is hard to come by, too technical for many to get right, and too important not to get it into as many hands as possible.

Switch2Drip Kits & Guides

With the drought dominating headlines, more and more homeowners are anxious to take out their turf but often don’t have the budget to hire a professional. We developed Switch2Drip to help homeowners convert their sprinkler system into drip irrigation.

Large Sloping Lawn with Mixed Sprinklers

Water Management Services

By installing and remotely managing weather-based irrigation controllers, we help our clients save 30-70% of the water they’ve been applying in the landscape. Really, 30-70%! Most irrigation systems are poorly managed and scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis by people who don’t know the proper way to determine an irrigation schedule.

Sprinkler leaking and wasting water for a long time

Conservation Reviews for Large Campuses

Our trained irrigation specialists can identify problems and savings opportunities without a formal audit, saving our clients both time and money. We visually inspect irrigation equipment, turn on each valve, look for evidence of broken laterals and sprinklers, and evaluate the current irrigation schedule for appropriateness. Our reports provide clients with valve-by-valve suggestions rated for urgency and impact so they can use cost-benefit analysis to triage their systems.

Capping a Sprinkler - from our Switch2Drip Guides

Instructional Content – Guides & Worksheets

An important part of teaching folks how to save water is creating informative, thorough materials to help them learn the basics. We apply our years of experience in the field and in the classroom to make learning Irrigation 101 as easy as possible. These Guides and Worksheets designed for homeowners and other folks not well-versed in irrigation systems.